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Get real-time rain updates

RainToday is a free weather application developed by a private weather forecasting organization based in Europe called MeteoGroup. Established in the most advanced technical innovation, you will be able to receive real-time rain alerts and use a high-resolution radar. With this, you will be able to anticipate the rain that could possibly occur anytime and anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Forewarns you of the forthcoming rain

Whenever there is an expected rainshower to fall, the app will automatically locate your current position. A widget will appear containing the most recent rain update based on the location that was detected by the app. If you want to know the forecast for a certain place, you can easily search it manually. You can also save it as one of your favorite locations if you are sure enough that you will be visiting that region someday in the future. 

Bear in mind that all of these push alerts are optional. You can opt to be notified from several sites only and also choose not to get notified in certain areas. When your "background-fetch" setting is enabled and there is a forthcoming rain, you will automatically receive a generated alert once your app is running in the background. The notifications that you will receive include essential information such as precipitation amount and duration of the rain. Even when it’s not raining in real-time, the graphics will still display whether there’s an expected shower to pour for the next 60 minutes.

This useful application demonstrates a modern interface that shows when will the rain come and from what direction it will originate. A graph containing high-quality data is also offered here. Its high resolution and animated rain radar are based on the radar images of radar stations that are produced every 5 minutes. Thanks to Apple and Google Maps, this app is capable of showing a deep zoom and perfect orientation.

A must-have app

RainToday is a fundamental weather application, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors—whether for work, playing sports, or traveling. Most of the rain forecasts it gives are fairly accurate, thus, you will be able to efficiently plan and adjust all the things you need to do in a day if necessary because of the rain. This is a highly-recommended app, specifically for UK residents. 


  • Get real-time rain updates
  • Presents graph with high-quality data
  • Optional push alerts per location
  • High-resolution radar


  • Truckloads of intrusive advertisements


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RainToday for Android


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